Bridal Veil Falls

DuPont Forest, North Carolina

This ride will take you South East near Highlands, NC to the Bridal Vail Falls. Bridal Veil Falls, Highlands NC. Bridal Veil Falls near Highlands has been famous for generations as the only waterfall in North Carolina you can drive behind. However, the section of road behind the falls is now blocked off from automobiles for safety. This allows you to walk behind and enjoy it more. There will be some surprise roads that you might not pick and also a stop at Dry Falls.

Segment #1

  1. Start at Smoky Mountain HD
  2. Head toward W Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Go for 36 ft.
  3. Turn right onto W Lamar Alexander Pkwy (US-321). Go for 0.5 mi.
  4. Turn right onto Robert C Jackson Dr. Go for 1.1 mi.
  5. Turn right onto Morganton Rd. Go for 3.3 mi.
  6. Turn left onto Clover Hill Rd. Go for 1.7 mi.
  7. Continue on Calderwood Hwy (US-129). Go for 32.1 mi.
  8. Optional stop US 129 Dragon HD
  9. Optional stop Dragon Overlook
  10. Continue on Tapoco Rd (US-129). Go for 30.0 mi.
  11. Optional stop Deals Gap
  12. Turn left onto US Highway 19 (US-19/US-74/US-129) toward Bryson City/NC-74/NC-19 N. Go for 2.2 mi.
  13. Turn right onto Wayah Rd toward Wayah Bald/Franklin. Go for 21.6 mi.
  14. Turn left onto Wayah Rd. Go for 6.7 mi.
  15. Turn right onto Old Murphy Rd. Go for 0.1 mi.
  16. Keep left onto Old Murphy Rd. Go for 469 ft.
  17. Turn left onto Murphy Rd (US-64). Go for 5.8 mi.
  18. Take ramp toward US-64 E/NC-28/Highlands/Franklin. Go for 0.3 mi.
  19. Turn right onto Highlands Rd (US-64). Go for 14.4 mi.
  20. Optional stop Dry Falls
  21. Arrive at Bridal Veil Falls.

Segment #2

  1. Start at Bridal Veil Falls
  2. Head toward Walden Way on Highlands Rd (US-64). Go for 14.3 mi.
  3. Optional stop BP Franklin
  4. Take ramp onto Sylva Rd (US-23 N/US-441 N) toward US-441-BYP N. Go for 18.1 mi.
  5. Take ramp onto US 74 W (US-74/US-441). Go for 7.4 mi.
  6. Take ramp onto N US 441 (US-441) toward Great Smoky MTS National Park/Cherokee. Go for 5.1 mi.
  7. Optional stop Shell Cherokee
  8. Turn right onto Highway 19 (US-19 N/US-441) toward Cherokee/Maggie Valley/Asheville. Go for 0.5 mi.
  9. Continue on Tsalagi Rd (US-19). Go for 459 ft.
  10. Turn left onto Acquoni Rd. Go for 0.6 mi.
  11. Take the 2nd exit from roundabout onto Acquoni Rd. Go for 1.2 mi.
  12. Turn right onto Newfound Gap Hwy (US-441). Go for 17.0 mi.
  13. Continue on Newfound Gap Rd (US-441). Go for 13.1 mi.
  14. Optional stop Newfound Gap
  15. Turn left onto Fighting Creek Gap Rd. Go for 17.4 mi.
  16. Optional stop Sugarland Welcome Center
  17. Optional stop Meigs Falls
  18. Continue on E Lamar Alexander Pkwy (TN-337). Go for 19.6 mi.
  19. Continue on S Washington St (US-321). Go for 318 ft.
  20. Turn left onto E Lamar Alexander Pkwy (US-321). Go for 2.2 mi.
  21. Continue on W Lamar Alexander Pkwy (US-321). Go for 1.4 mi.
  22. Turn left. Go for 82 ft.
  23. Arrive at Smoky Mountain HD.